MobileMX racing is a realistic motocross simulator where you attempt to find the fastest way to the finish line.

The Bikes

Race of one of 4 different motorcycles, each with accurate HP/Torque power bands and gear ratios. You can control throttle, break, leaning and shifting gears. Shifting is essential when you're timing a set of jumps (a rhythm section). Figure out which gear will let your rider find each landing smoothly. Land wrong or hit the ground too hard and your rider will crash so finding a smooth landing is essential.

The Tracks

5 tracks including:

Ocotillo - A high speed natural terrain obstacles keep you on your toes.

Motocross Track - A challenging out door track with lots elevation changes and big jumps

Arena Cross Track - An introduction to riding technical indoor tracks

Glamis Sand Dunes - Ride on the biggest sand dunes around

Supercross - Technical indoor tracks moved to the big stadium

More tracks being built.


Available in the Itunes Store for only $.99


Inspiration version 1.0

Not quite a Vet track.

Inspiration version 2.0

Future game? Na, just a sketch.